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I just came across a post on the website tickledpinkmusic and they wrote a while back about Magic Marta, it's explaining a little bit more about wedding entertainment that I provide:

Today in Tickled Pink’s blog we continue talking about entertaining children at weddings by introducing a professional kid’s entertainer: Marta’s Magic Kids Show. We have seen Marta perform in various occasions and we were very impressed by her well prepared, dynamic and fun performance.

We invited Marta to Tickled Pink’s blog to learn a bit more about her work and how she can help couples give the little ones a fab day at their wedding.

"Hi, my name is Marta and I’m a professional full time magician who specializes in cool and entertaining magic shows for family audiences. I have been performing now for many years up and down the country, with my special brand of magic.

My magic show is hugely popular for birthdays, communions, christenings, corporate events, Christmas parties, festivals and of course weddings!

The secret is in my special blend of Magic, Comedy, Face Painting, Balloon modelling and audience participation that involves and entertains children, as well as making them laugh! And the sound of children’s laughter filling a room is magical.

Weddings are a big part of my working week.

When you have kids coming to your wedding, usually they are of various ages, so keeping them entertained can be tricky. I help to take the strain off the parents with my magic and let all the guests enjoy the wedding day. You know it’s a fantastic way to keep all the kids happy and in one place throughout your special day.

I usually entertain the little ones during the speeches (a time when it’s very hard for a kid to concentrate and behave). As soon as I arrive I quietly set up and start what I do best – show all the kids a great time, let the grown-ups enjoy themselves, make sure everyone is happy and give the Bride & Groom a wedding to remember….now that’s magic!"

Thanks Tickledpinkmusic :)


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