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8 Fun Ideas for Kids at Weddings

The discussion of whether to invite children to a wedding always becomes a passionate one. In one corner, you have people who think kids add a certain magic to the atmosphere. In the other corner, you have those who feel as though that "magic" is more the dark variety - the screaming, the messing, the ruining. But including kids in your festivities doesn't have to be a horror movie in the making. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your wedding is fun for all ages...

1. Kids Only Space

Give them their own space so that they feel all grown up. These cute signs will make them feel important and you’ll know exactly where to find them.

2. Cute Place Names

Have some fun with the table setting and use letter shaped cookies to spell out the littlest members of the wedding party’s names. Other cute alternatives are tags tied to lollipops or little Lego men figurines next to their name card!

3. A Special Toast

Let little folk be a part of the toast with their own special kid-friendly drink. Old time favourites like milk and cookies or milk topped with mini doughnuts will go down a treat as will milkshakes, smoothies, mini bottles of lemonade or hot chocolates for chillier winter wedding celebrations.

4. Craft Corner

Swap your fancy table cloth for a sheet of Kraft paper or some blackboard place mats and leave a bunch of colouring pencils, chalk or crayons in the middle so they can doodle as they dine. Bonus – you don’t have to worry about spillages, stains and dry cleaning bills.

5. Party Bags

Give them their own little stash of goodies to keep them amused. Fill party bags with bits and bobs from sweets and games to colouring pencils, jigsaws, Lego, bubbles and stickers to pass the hours.

6. Fun & Games

Games are a great way to keep kids occupied. If you’re having a summer wedding, set up some outdoor games to let them burn some energy. Or if you’re worried about the weather, some board games will work a treat indoors. There are also some great printables available online that you can download for free (Martha Stewart have an I Spy game). We also love the idea of having a big bowl of Lego as a centrepiece so they can dig and get creative after dinner.

7. Movie Night

One of the handiest ways to keep them happy is with a favourite movie! Check with your venue whether there’s a room close by that you can use for a bit of a movie night or if you’ve no one to keep an eye on them, create a movie corner close to where you’re sitting. Pop on a Disney fave and let them wile away the hours with some popcorn and a few sweets.

8. The Professionals

An easy, stress free way to entertain the kids is by hiring a professional! If you’re after an activity to keep them busy, there are a wealth of amazing magicians you can hire for a few hours to kill some time and keep them laughing like Marta’s Magic Show.


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