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St. Patrick's Day Fun Ideas

Kids parties have become hugely popular over the St. Partick's Day Bank Holiday weekend. There's no better time to let your little ones invite over a few friends for some holiday fun. Here's a few fun ideas for St. Patrick's Day including party crafts, games and food...

1. Silly Mcgilly

Start a new St. Patrick's Day tradition by inviting the magic of Silly McGilly into your home or classroom. Silly McGilly is an adorable leprechaun who loves playing fun little tricks on children throughout the St. Patrick's Day season. Read Silly McGilly's book with your children and place his doll in the window overnight.

If you are lucky, Silly might just play a trick on you as you sleep!

2. Cool party games

Gold Hunt

Hide gold coins around the house or garden and have the kids hunt for them. The child that collects the most coins wins!

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Print out photo of the Blarney Stone and hang it on a wall. Put lipstick or face paint on the little ones, blindfold them and send them to plant a kiss on the Blarney Stone. Players who come closest to kissing the stone win a prize.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Can't make it to the parade? No problem :)

Gather fun props, wigs, flags & banners and let them parade on their own, right in your home and garden!

Irish dancing competition

Just play some Irish music and let the kids show off their best attempts at Irish dancing.

3. Fun green & rainbow food

Practically any food can be dyed green with a little food coloring!

How about green pasta with pesto for a quick snack and green cupcakes and some rainbow jelly for a nice dessert. You could make your own shamrocks milkshakes - that's always a hit!


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